Creative Discussion using Plain Pair Groups

Creative Discussion – a key to insight and change

William Plain
Emeritus Professor, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

Plain Pair Group Teaching (Plain PGT)
- for universities and schools
Plain Pair Group Discussion (Plain PGD)
- for decision making and staff development
- for informal or community creative discussion

A flash of insight is the spark of cosmic intelligence.
Small group sharing of insight can change the pattern of human intelligence. &

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Recognition and Remuneration

If you have benefited from the ideas presented on this website, you are asked to recognise this by making a remuneration which will help creative ideas to "ripple out" across communities and organisations.

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"Creative Discussion using Plain Pair Groups" is a package of projects to promote overall educational reform and specific university reform, as well as corporate, community or individual awareness raising, developed over some 30 years of research in Australia, Europe and Japan.

The underlying research and the individual projects that make up the "Creative Campus" package, as well as material for "Corporate, Community or Informal Creative Discussion" and other applications indicated on this website, are 'original' and are the result of my personal long-term research. In addition to normal copyright, these methods have been in a certain way 'patented' by means of 'patent established by prior publication in the public arena'.

Individuals or groups are invited to be aware of the changes in or around them that take place as a result of Creative Discussion and to recognise this by means of remittance through this page, and by showing where these original ideas come from by appropriate citation or referral to this website and related publications.

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If any organisation makes use of these ideas and methods, I would request that this be recognised by appropriate citation and website linking and by acceptance of the following conditions. The upper management and principal stakeholders should agree formally to make a payment (occasional or regular) which reflects appropriate recognition of the advantages which accrue to the organisation as a direct or indirect result of introducing my proposals, both initially and over the long term. The 'appropriate amount' and period this payment continues would be determined by the organisation.

This recognition of copyright and patent through citation and remuneration would acknowledge access to ideas and materials published or provided. Ongoing 'micromanagement' of the development process would not normally be made available but could in some circumstances be negotiated.

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Recognition and remuneration


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